NAB 2012, 5. díl: Resolve 9.0

[fbshare type="button" float="right"] V minulém článku jsme psali o nové Blackmagic Design Cinema kameře. Vzhledem k tomu, že ke kameře je přibalena plná verze kolorovacího softwaru DaVinci Resolve, je jasné, že tento výborný a rychlý dokončovací nástroj bude mít stále více příznivců. Minulý týden byla představen nová verze 9.0, která výrazně mění a modernizuje uživatelské rozhraní.   Nové GUI by mělo vést k vyšší produktivitě a rychlost práce s programem. (např. eliminaci počtu kliknutí při práci s myší). Nová verze by měla být k dispozici v červenci zdarma pro stávající uživatele. Kompletní výčet novinek je zde: Interface re-designed to streamline the grading process:
  • Fast user login by entering user name or scroll user thumbnails
  • Browse and select projects with scrubbable thumbnail or list view
  • Search and sort project lists
  •  Larger color palettes with direct user access to more tools for faster grading
  • Larger and clearer text to ease eye strain during long grading sessions
  • Larger timeline thumbnails makes selecting shots faster
  • Resizable gallery stills stored and displayed in user named albums
  • Gallery now includes 48 'Looks' for fast grade selection
  • Full screen viewer mode for accurate window and qualifier control
  • Cinema review mode offers a clean full screen to sit back and enjoy
Clip Management:
  • Browse and select clips in the media library with thumbnail or list view
  • Re-sizeable and scrubbable Library and Media Pool thumbnails
  • Fast clip management with drag and drop clips between bins in the Media Pool
  • Clip list view now also displays PAR, video/data level, frame rate and audio channels
  • Optional automatic creation of the Master Timeline to match the Media Pool
  • Master and Default timelines option to sort in timecode order or reel # and timecode order
  • Reveal clip in Finder
  • Expandable timeline view for conforming
  • Drag and drop clip editing
  • Consolidate RED camera clips with user defined handles
  • Speed warps from FCP XML and Avid AAF
  • User selection of common keyboard shortcut layouts
  • Log grading includes contrast and pivot with low and high range controls
  • Composite RGBA clips using embedded Alpha
  • Stereoscopic 3D floating windows include position, softness and rotation
  • Separate 3D monitoring controls for GUI/SDI/WFM mesh
  • Camera Raw palette offers real time direct control of raw images
  • Camera Raw image debayer and decode settings optionally saved per graded version
  • Nodes can now be named and wire linking is faster
  • Window palette displays the selected windows and position
  • Key shapes and position are displayed in the new key palette
  • Image transforms are now controlled in the sizing palette
  • Tracker and stabilization palette with editable keyframe tracks for pan, tilt, zoom & rotate
  • Stabilization strength control to blend stable and original image track
  • Eight colored user selected pins & flags to mark clips for fast & easy location and sorting
  • Clip thumbnail timeline filters for color corrected, tracked, rendered, pins and flags
  • User configurable preset descriptions for graded version names
  • Multitrack audio decoding from BWF, Quicktime and MXF files - Op-Atom and OP-1a
  • Multitrack audio encoding to Quicktime and MXF formats - Op-Atom
  • Audio waveform display and 16 channel audio meters with selectable dB and dBu scale
  • User selectable reference alignment levels for dBu scale
  • One-click Auto-Sync of multiple dual system audio files with camera images
  • Dailies production metadata fields for fast data entry
  • Automatically assign iXML production metadata with audio sync
  • Dailies clip sort and simultaneous multiple format rendering
  • Simple text name burn in for dailies deliverables
  • Source clip data burn-ins include custom text, logos & user selectable fade up/down times
  • One click generation of LUTs from the clip grade
  • User configurable folders to save LUTs
  • Dedicated screen for creating rendered deliverables includes large viewer and timeline
  • Deliverables user easy setups can now be saved and recalled
  • Batch render queue shows job status
  • Encoding and decoding Avid DNxHD in QuickTime
  • Avid DNxHD444 codec encode/decode is supported on all platforms
  • Up to 50% faster DNxHD/MXF encoding speed
  • Additional 'Force Highest Quality' settings when rendering clips
  • Additional Resolve control panel controls for Camera Raw selection
  • Resolve Control Panel shortcuts to new Log, Raw and Stereoscopic controls
  • Canon C500 camera support
  • Improved decoder performance for uncompressed MXF on Linux
  • Projects are now saved in file based database with optional database server
  • 4K monitoring with DeckLink 4K
  • Resolve for Mac OS; hot plug and play for removable drives
  • Resolve for Mac OS; now a 64 bit ap
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