Latour Slider Plus V2-500

Kompaktní slider set včetně tašky.

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3 990 Kč 2 990 Kč s DPH 2 471 Kč bez DPH
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Popis produktu

Popis produktu

Kompaktní slider set včetně tašky.
  • Make the shooting or video recording more stable and smooth. All the parts of this V2 are machined with CNC technology from the highest grade materials. It is wear resistant, durable.
  • Compact size, make you can get amazing slider shots wherever you are whenever you want! Get double the amount of camera travel compared to other sliders that have the same body size
  • 1000mm Travel On Tripod, 500mm Travel On Ground; Load capacity up to 8kg
  • Bottom with 1/4" and 3/8" can be installed on the tripod, for the good stabilization and safety, recommend the distance between the points that the tripods legs contacts the ground should be 80cm or more
  • Can operate on ground too! It has adjustable feet to help you level it on non-perfect surfaces. But remember that you will get a normal slider's camera travel range when you use it like that.


Výrobce: Latour
Kategorie: Slidery sety