Lastolite Skylite Rapid Standard Large Kit 2 x 2m

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LL LR82243RC
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Popis produktu

Popis produktu

Skylite Rapid Small Kit 2 x 2m includes:
• Skylight Rapid Frame Small 2m x 2m (6'6" x 6'6")(LL LR822) • Silver/White reflector (LL LR82231R) •1.25 Stops Diffuser (LL LR82207R) • Skylight Rapid Rigid Case (LL LRCASE1025) The Skylite Rapid system The rectangluar LARGE panel is a very versatile size, easily mounted light stands (using the optional Skylite Rapid Griphead LL LA8446). It is available in kit form or as individual components allowing you to build your own configurations. The covers available for the LARGE frame include: 0.75 stop diffuser, 1.25 stop diffuser, silver/white, black/white, sunfire/white and black velvet. The Skylite panels are the go to solution for location imagemakers who need to diffuse or reflect their light source in the most demanding situations. The lightweight, rapid assembly aluminium rigid frame offers ultimate stability even in windy conditions, whilst the clip on covers offer a complete range of diffusion and reflective surfaces. Each framework collapses down into a neat, compact and very portable rigid carry case. An elastic cord runs through the aluminium making it impossible to lose parts or leave anything behind.



Výrobce: Lastolite
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