Odolný kamerový monitor.

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Popis produktu

Odolný kamerový monitor.

Powerful Tools, Sophisticated Shots
FEELWORLD Z73 is packed with an extensive suite of scopes, one button operation and simple to use. You can get a set of highly accurate tools for focus, framing & exposure (Waveform, vectorscope, RGB Histogram, Y Histogram, Embedded Audio, Peaking Focus Assist, False Color, Zebra Exposure,check Field, Scan Mode, Image Flip, Image Freeze, Pixel to Pixel, Zoom, Center Marker, Safe Area, Marker Type and options for anamorphic de-squeeze monitoring). Help you accurately expose and focus every shot with confidence.

peaking monitor

7-inch 1280x800 IPS Screen

Shoot better video
FEELWORLD Z73 features a 7” high resolution screen, the screen has a 1280 x 800 resolution to achieve high-definition screen point-to-point display, ensure that the director, film crew to see the color accurately , and let different cameras show the real consistent image when you shooting video.

7 inch dslr monitor

IPS Wider View Angle 178°
Easy for the camera crew monitoring
FEELWORLD Z73 features the screen with a wide 178°viewing angle, which means it’s easy to see, even when several crew members are watching.

ips panel camera monitor

True Color · Professional Color Calibration

Use Rec.709 color standard
FEELWORLD uses the professional Rec.709 HD color standard, and uses the color calibration technology, with the professional instrument calibration at the factory, it can achieve monitor calibration efficiently and get accurate color reproduction easily, do not distort the color, show the real image when you shooting video.


Accurate Color Reproduction

FEELWORLD monitor support ITU standards and HD video Rec.709 standard consistent color space, advanced image processing technology, so that the image clearly presented, the color is extremely natural, to ensure accurate color reproduction, to reproduce the physical nature of shooting, enabling users to accurately evaluate the quality of various input video signals.



Innovation OSD Operation
Use simple operation to make adjustments
When it comes to Z73 monitor function design, it is simple and fast, help you improve the speed and efficiency of your shots.
Switch signals quickly: VIDEO, HDMI, SDI. Six assignable shortcut keys: for fast access to the functions you needs, like Waveform, Vectorscope, Histogram, Peaking, False Color and other functions.
Four multi-functional knobs: immediate access to Menu, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, Volume.

3g-sdi hd-sdi broadcast monitor


Professional Connections
Connect to professional cameras, camcorders and DSLR's
The compact design of the FEELWORLD Z73 includes 4K HDMI, 3G-SDI, Video and Audio(L/R) so you can connect them to virtually any DSLR, prosumer professional camera or other signal source equipment! The loop output lets you monitor on larger displays or projectors. Z73 also features stereo earphone output for easy monitoring, along with a built in speaker that making it easy for everyone to review shots!

hd-sdi monitor

4K hdmi


Multi-display device monitoring simultaneously
The Z73 has 3G-SDI, 4K HDMI in and loop-out, allowing it to not only display live signals, but also send them out to other monitors simultaneously. It's the ability to display live picture on multiple displays at once while still maintaining the original video quality.

7 sdi monitor


7 inch hd field monitor


Powerful Scopes
Accurate waveform monitoring
When you need to analyze image quality more accurately than simply looking at the picture then use Z73's built in waveform monitoring! Choose from waveform, vectorscope, histogram and audio phase and level displays, and get broadcast accurate waveform monitoring that shows everything you need to know technically about your video and audio signals. Z73 is perfect for live production monitoring and removes the need for separate expensive scopes!

waveform monitor


3-color Tally Light
Film crew shooting convenient control
Z73 monitors feature a clear LCD screen with tally so it’s the perfect solution for live broadcasts. Unlike a simple tally light, Z73 uses green, red and yellow three color tally light to indicate when you are recording or on-air, or which camera is cued up on your switcher’s preview output during live production. Tally is connected via an industry standard parallel pin connector on the rear panel so you get compatibility with switchers or automation systems.

dslr camera ips monitor


Mounting Points
Attach to cameras, equipment carts or hang it anywhere
The outer frame is made out of durable aluminum and features standard ¼” mount points on the left, right and bottom. You can use the mounting points to attach it to the top of a camera, you can hang it from rigs with the image flip function and use it as a monitor for the entire crew, or use the built in kick stand to set it up on a table. It’s even comfortable enough to hold in your hands so you can pass it around to the crew.

7 inch camera hd monitor


Uninterruptible Power
Plug it in or go mobile
Z73 has a flexible power supply design so you can use it anywhere. When connected to the 12V DC/ XLR input you get continuous power or you can run it off of F970 rechargeable battery on the standard F970 battery plate. And Z73 supports F970 battery plate (standard), D28S/D54, LP-E6 and U60 battery plate (optional).
Sony F970 battery plate for battery of Sony DV: Sony F970 F960 F950 F930 F770 F750 F730 F570 F550 F530 QM91D QM91 QM90D QM90 QM71D QM71 QM70D QM70 QM51D QM51 FM71 FM70 series. (Note: the battery is NOT standard accessory!)
When you turn off the monitor, you need to press the power button, and you can't pull out the power cable directly.


Special Design Sunshade
Outdoor shooting see clearly
When you are shooting outdoors, especially in bright light conditions, the sunshade can reduces the reflections during outdoor shooting. In farther away, you can also see the picture. It can be installed or uninstalled very easily.

7 camera-top video monitor


Rugged Aluminum Design
Light weight, durable construction
The frame of the Z73 is made from aircraft grade aluminum which means you get an incredibly sturdy metal that barely adds any weight to your camera. The aluminum is precision machined into the intricate shape needed to house the connections and screen display. It's also extremely strong, which makes it perfect for bracing the mounting points. You get a heavy duty metal that is comfortable enough to hold in your hand and still light enough to be mounted on even the small rig.

metal sdi monitor




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Napájení monitoruSony NP-F
Napájení monitoru12V XLR
Vstupy monitoruHDMI
Vstupy monitoru3G-SDI
Rozlišení panelu1280x800

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