Decimator Design Decimator 2

3G/HD/SD-SDI do NTSC/PAL - Composite Down Converter s HDMI vystupom

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Popis produktu

3G/HD/SD-SDI do NTSC/PAL - Composite Down Converter s HDMI vystupom

The functionality of the DECIMATOR 2 from Decimator Design has been upgraded via a new USB firmware update and it now simultaneously scales (3G/HD/SD)-SDI to both HDMI and and NTSC/PAL with de-embedded anaogue audio (via 2 x RCA connectors).

NEW Features (available via firmware update) include:

  • USB Control
  • Simultaneous scaling on both the HDMI and Composite Outputs with a maximum delay of 1 input frame
  • Full 16-Channel audio metering displayed on the HDMI output
  • Adjustable Graticules Generator displayed on the HDMI output
  • Text Overlays displayed on the HDMI output


  • Passes EIA-708/608 Closed Captions to the Composite Output
  • Auto Detects 3G, HD or SD (26 formats in total) and can handle switching of synchronous sources, perfect for use on the end of routers.
  • HDMI Output - the input is passed unscaled.
  • De-embedded Analogue Audio is output on 2 x RCA Connectors at -10dBu = -20dBFS.
  • Down-converted Composite output      

- NTSC or PAL is selectable for 3G/HD inputs      

- SD will be passed unchanged      

- Low latency 3G/HD to SD Down-conversion with ARC (Aspect Ration Conversion) of either:             

i)  16:9 to 16:9 Anamorphic             

ii)  16:9 to 4:3 Letterbox             

iii)  16:9 to 4:3 Centre Cut (Crop to 4:3)      

- Full 10-bit data path and multipoint interpolation      

- 16 times over-sampling for Composite Output

  • 3G/HD/SD-SDI Active Loop-through Output
  • External Dipswitch Configuration
  • USB port for control and updates 
  • Locking DC Power Socket

The following is also included with the unit: 

Power supply, HDMI cable, USB cable and Mounting Bracket.