CONST SL-T300/500 3-kit (soft case)

SL-T300/500 (300W tungsten spotlight with Fresnel lens) (soft case)

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SL-T300/500 kit SC
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Popis produktu

Popis produktu

SL-T300/500 (300W tungsten spotlight with Fresnel lens) (soft case)

A kit contains 3pcs SL-T300/500, 3pcs stands, 3pcs bulbs and a soft carrying case



  • Model  SL-T300/500
  • Description  tungsten spotlight with Fresnel lens
  • Power  300/500W
  • Color temperature  3200K
  • Lamp holder  GY9.5
  • Light size  260 x 220 x 175 (mm)
  • Lens diameter  80mm
  • Weight  2.1kg


Illumination specification:


  • Spot 14-degree
  • Illumination   17730Lux/1m  4433Lux/1.5m  1970Lux/2m
  • Spot diameter  0.2m  0.5m  0.7m
  • Flood 53-degree
  • Illumination   3870Lux/1m  968Lux/2m  430Lux/3m
  • Spot diameter  1.0m  2.0m  3.0m




Const tungsten spotlight SL-T300/500 own nice features that are small size, low weight, high efficiency illumination, uniform gradual changing beam, compact structure, and smooth spot-to-flood adjustment. The light adopts anti-corrosive Aluminum alloy to make shell. And, the special design short focal length lenses with wider angles of Const spotlight ST-T300/500 provide more Light Out and better Light distribution over the full beam area. This model is very appropriate for middle/small studios and portable outdoor situation.


Besides, CONST ST-L300/500 spotlight has portable soft cse kit or hard case kit for your choice, this kit contains 3pc of spotlight ST-L300/500, 3pc of light stands LS-01, and 3pc OSRAM bulb and 1pc soft case or hard case.



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