Const C+ Stand

C+ Stand 40" main riser with a removable turtle base With a 40" Hollywood Arm

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C Stand with Boom
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Popis produktu

Popis produktu

C+ Stand 40" main riser with a removable turtle base With a 40" Hollywood Arm

Weight: 9kgs
Load Capacity: 10kgs (22lb)

This Impact Turtle Base C-Stand Kit, in a chrome finish, is comprised of a C-stand, grip head, and 40" extension arm. The stand features a patented locking mechanism that allows the legs to swing out and lock into place for easy setup and collapse flat for storage. The included extension grip arm fits neatly into the stand's removable 2.5" grip head, allowing you to offset the stand and cantilever flags, gobos, or lights out of the way of the action. The stand has a low center of gravity which allows mounting of heavy equipment without tipping. The legs are perfectly shaped for saddlebag-type sandbags. The kit is also often used as a short boom.

Impact Turtle Base C-Stand - (Chrome)
This Impact Turtle Base C Stand features a detachable base with twist and release locking legs that are easily removed to facilitate transportation or to replace the riser withan alternate size. A light head can be mounted to the base directly with the aid of a stand adapter.The base allows individual legs to be set at any angle, and can be position
ed in locations not possible with standard designed stands.

Fold Away Legs and Removable Base This stand features twist and release locking legs with unique mounts which are easy to fold or replace. The base detaches from the riser for easy packing.This stand sets up easily in a matter of seconds.

Impact 40" Extension Grip Arm (Silver)
The Impact 40" Extension Grip Arm (Silver) is a staple of any film, video or photo production set. An ideal mate to an optional C-Stand, the 40" non-skid bar slips neatly into an optional grip head mounted to the stand allowing you to offset it and cantilever a flag, gobo, light or other accessory in front of it. The 40" bar has a permanently attached 2.5" grip head with a large ergonomic T-handle. The Grip Arm is often used as a short boom.

The Impact Grip Head for Lights and Accessories mounts lights, light modifiers, scrims, flags, cutters, and other lighting accessories onto C-stands or butterfly frames. When trying to get the perfect shot, you often have various lighting accessories such a
s flags, scrims and cutters set up around your subject. A grip head holds each in a precise position, making it a fairly common piece of equipment on most any set.



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