FieldCast Pricing Update

New FieldCast Price List as of 22 May 2023

There are two major changes in the new FieldCast price list: the price increase of SMPTE cables and the re-entry of the multiplexers. 


SMPTE cables 

Due to a rise in materials costs, FieldCast have increased the price of the SMPTE cables by 15%. The price increase of the SMPTE cables is effective as of 22 May 2023. All backorders and orders of SMPTE cables placed before 22 May will be charged the current lower price. 


The popular multiplexers are back on the price list! The production of Mux/Demux One, Two, and Three to transport 4, 8, or 16 independent SDI channels over one fiber optic strand has started again. 

Multiplexers remain at the same affordable and competitive pricing as before.