Dison LED-725S

5mm led light bi-color LED-725S

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Popis produktu

5mm led light bi-color LED-725S

In Technology:
1.CRI 96+, restore the true color of portraits, landscapes and objects
perfectly, showing Natural, Pure Color.
2.960pcs LEDs with long lifespan and high luminance, shines an even
and stable 7680lux/ 0.5m output.
3.Easy to install and operate and will make a great addition to your
photography or video studio.
4.Conveniently adjustable brightness via a dimmer knob on the back.
5.Dual Power solution. Sony V-mount battery mount and AC power

In Appearance:
1.Good quality of aluminum alloy housing,not only durable,but also high
2.Ultra thin body,mini and portable,easy to use and carry.
3.Extremely Lightweight design - only 55 oz without battery.

Model:  LED-725S
LED beads: 1224pcs
Adapter: DC 12V8A
Illumination: 9792Lux/0.5m
Color temperature: 3200-5600K
Battery capacity: 14.8V/Depending on the external battery
Power: 72W
Size: 385*325*36mm
Beam angle: 60° 60°



Výrobce: Dison
Kategorie: Studiová světla


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