Fotga IIIDP500 III V-Mount Battery Power Supply Battery Plate

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Popis produktu

Popis produktu

FOTGA DP500 Mark III V-Mount Battery Plate je univerzálny adaptér slúžiaci pre napájanie kamier, DSLR a ich príslušenstva. Jednoducho sa uchytáva na 15mm tyčky. S použitím jednej V-mount batérie budete schopní napájať zároveň kameru, DSLR zariadenie, monitor, svetlá, telefón, streamovacie zariadenie alebo akékoľvek iné zariadenie s podobným odberom.

Built-in waist belt buckle on the back enables you to hang the power supply system anywhere that can afford the weight of the power supply system together with a V mount battery.
PMIC can manage different inputs intelligently and ensures no interrupt during swift input changes and ensures continuous power supply during a change between AC power and V-mount battery power.
High-power design coordinating with appropriate input makes it fit for almost all camera/video cameras on the market.
14.8V/5V/8V/12V and an extra USB 5V 2A outputs ensure power supply for almost all common devices on the market.
Such as 14.8V-Output fits for large-scale camcorders with 12V-16.8V wide voltage input;
5V-Output for the split screen;
8V-Output for the camera with 7V-9V voltage output such as 5D2/5D3/7D;
12V-Output for monitor;
USB socket can connect your Apple products such as iPhone, iPad, etc with the USB cable to offer power.
Can work with and charge for Sony Standard V mount battery or replacement of Sony V mount battery.
Also works with AC power and supports wide voltage input.
It can work with 110V-220V AC power directly through the AC adapter, which is especially favorable for long time photographing where supplies AC power source such as indoor.
DP500 CCUPS LE version and CCUPS version power supply device allow stacking together mutually or by themselves through Fotga dedicated interface. Theoretically, it can extend out multiple output interfaces for devices or cases in need of multiple input supplies.


1x FOTGA DP500 Mark III V-mount Battery Power Supply Plate
1x AC power adapter with US plug (1M),DC cable (2M,magnetic ring + velcro)
4x DC Cable


V mount work with standard Sony BP series battery.
Power Output : 5V 2A / 8V 5A / 12V 5A / 14.8V / USB
Compatible with 15mm rod support/rail system
Material: Metal
Size Max : 145 x 85 x 80 mm
Weight: 395g



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